About us

In the golden fields of the Slavonian plain, we continue the long-standing family tradition of cultivating OKRA. Far from city pollution and crowds, we cultivate 21 varieties of okra. Out of all okra sorts, we are most proud of the okra variety for stuffing, snow white okra, and 42 cm high okra.

Owing to all its positive properties, okra is discovered anew by enthusiasts in our region every day. This miraculous plant from God’s garden has an increasingly wide application in everyday life. It is used in dishes, as an excellent natural remedy, and for skin care (cosmetic products).

The whole stage of okra cultivation and processing is natural and free of chemical additives.

At our estate, in addition to okra, we try to preserve the cultivation of old varieties of vegetables. Organic fertilizer, cultivation by hand, and NON-USE of chemical agents will continue to be the basis of our production.